Gino Meregillano

  Gino Meregillano is a Southern California guitarist with over 25 years of experience playing live, touring, song writing, recording, and teaching music lessons.   Adept at blues, rock, surf, country and rockabilly, Gino is available for private and group lessons on the Guitar, Electric Bass and Ukulele, and he is also available as a substitute or part time guitarist for live performances and studio recording.   

 With his professional endorsements by Gretsch Guitars and Clayton USA picks and accessories, Gino can be found singing and playing Rockabilly music and “Vintage Rock and Roll” with his own three piece band, Gino and the Lone Gunmen, as well as playing lead guitar with various blues or country singers, like Moot Davis, and cranking out twangy surf guitar and 60's hits with the casino group Mo' Wasabi.   No stranger to the Rockabilly/Psychobilly scene, Gino has performed with many top acts such as Levi Dexter, and Jerry Lee Lewis tribute "Dave Bennett and the Memphis Speed Kings", but is probably best known as the guitarist for the Guana Batz(US).  Now based in the United States, the Guana Batz were one of the founding fathers of English Psychobilly in the mid eighties. Gino is also a featured member of Hancox, a solo album and band from Guana Batz lead singer, Pip Hancox. 

 The Lone Gunmen’s first self produced CD (featuring Gino on guitar and lead vocals) was released in early 2010, with a long awaited titled "Idle Hands" released in 2014 on Heyday Records.

 The debut album from Hancox was released in Europe in 2012 by Sold My Soul Media.

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Gino is featured in the 2012 Gretsch Guitar catalog!  See it here GRETSCH GUITARS

Gino always uses Cock Grease to keep it up!

You can hear Gino on the latest, self titled CD from Hancox (Guana Batz U.S.)
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